The Ya’Hu’s Enduro

The Ya’Hu’s Youth Enduro

Presented by

When: Sunday, May 27th, 2018, Registration opens @ 12pm, race start @ 1pm

Where: Race start near the end of Westway Ave. in Valleycliffe. Parking only on north side of Westway Ave.

Who: Ages 4-12 (Parents and older siblings welcome to follow on course)

Cost: $35, register here

Categories: 1 Stage, 2 Stages, 3 Stages, 4 Stages, 5 Stages (not classified by age)

Volunteers needed. Send an e-mail to

Stages: From easiest to hardest;

Stage A: Endo / 31 Seconds

Stage B: 3 Virgins / The Graduate

Stage C: Sweeter The Barry (downhill)

Stage D: Spencer’s Big Gay Ride

Stage E: Meet Yer Maker


Squamish’s first 5 stage youth only enduro presented by Dialed in Cycling and Squamish Enduro. The race will take place on the Valleycliffe trail network and will be professionally timed by Spruce Race Timing. All proceeds will be donated back to SORCA and local charities.

All riders from ages 4-12 are welcome to join in on the action. Parents and older siblings are welcome to follow the young racers on trail to support and encourage. Stages are listed alphabetically; with “Stage A” being the easiest, and “Stage E” being the hardest. Riders can choose to do any amount of stages, and will follow a course depending on how many stages they are comfortable doing. Categories are determined by how many stages are completed, not age. This category structure allows, for example an exceptionally talented 8 year old to participate in all 5 stages, and a more beginner 12 year old to only participate in 2 stages. Pre-riding is suggested, however the course will be well signed and flagged for the event. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 in each category.

The race’s success will depend on the availability of volunteers, if you are available please send an e-mail to There will be an expo area located near the end of Westway Ave. with snacks and refreshments provided by Nesters Market. The transition zone on S&M Connector will have several fun & games stations (think marshmallow golf challenge, face-painting etc. Still TBD).

To better understand which order to ride the stages in, click here

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