Event Details

2024 Event Details – click tabs below

Full Course: Short Course: Classic’s Course:
U-17 U-21 U-21
U-21 Open 21-34 Open 21-34
Open 21-34 Masters 35-44 Masters 35+
Masters 35-44 Veteran 45+ Veteran 45+
Veteran 45+    
U-21 Elite    

Course Start

All courses start at Squamish Valley Golf Course. Riders must check in at course start at their designated start time before leaving to go on course – failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Parking is available at Loggers Sports, as well as in the areas / streets surrounding it.

Course Finish

All courses finish at Squamish Valley Golf Club, which will host the apres meal & drink, as well as the podium awards and after party.

Space at Squamish Valley Golf Club is limited – Apres is ONLY open to participants and volunteers, with the exception of one parent for riders under the age of 19. Parents are not provided with drink/food. All participants and volunteers receive a meal and drink, along with a fruit water from Aguas Frescas and donut from Nesters Market. Teriyaki Boys will be at the apres with food available for purchase.

Friends, family, and spectators are welcome to join us for podium awards beginning at 4pm, and for the after party.

No parking is available at the finish – you must ride from your home/accomodation, or from your car parked at Loggers Sports Grounds, or elsewhere. It is a short 3km ride on a paved bike path between Loggers Sports Grounds and Squamish Valley Golf Course. Secure indoor bike valet will be available for participants and volunteers only, courtesy of The Shred Shuttle. Other riders are encouraged to bring a lock and use the fence line behind the golf course, adjacent the mamquam river.

Athlete registration and plate pickup:

*must bring ID to plate pickup. No ID = No Plate.

  • Saturday 3:30 pm – 6 pm at Squamish Valley Golf Club
  • or Sunday beginning at 7:30 am, at race start (Squamish Valley Golf Club)
  • No day of registration
  • Zone 4 timing chips will be installed on the right leg of your fork. You must return these to have your time recorded, and to enter the apres.
  • Race plates cannot be cut or altered.

Rider Briefing: Details to be sent to participants

Race day: Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Full Course – 45 Second Intervals

*** you must sign in at official race start before going on course, failing to do so will result in disqualification.

Full Course Category Start Time
Open Men (21-34) 8:00 AM
U-21 Men (not elite) 9:00 AM
Masters Men (35-44) 9:10 AM
Veteran Men (45+) 9:55 AM
U-17 Men 10:15 AM
All Women’s Categories (excluding Pro) 10:30 AM
Race Start Pause 30 Minutes
Elite U-21 11:10 AM
Pro Women & Men 11:30 AM

Short Course – 45 Second Intervals

*** you must sign in at official race start before going on course, failing to do so will result in disqualification.

Short Course Category Start Time
Open Men (21-34) 8:00 AM
Masters Men (35-44) 9:00 AM
Veteran Men (45+) 9:50 AM
All Women’s Categories 10:35 AM
U-21 & U-17 Men 11:00 AM

Classics Course – 45 Second Intervals

*** you must sign in at official race start before going on course, failing to do so will result in disqualification.

Classics Course Category Start Time
Open Men (21-34) 10:30 AM
Masters Men (35-44) 10:45 AM
Veteran Men (45+) 10:55 AM
All Women’s Categories 11:10 AM
U-21 & U-17 Men 11:35 PM

Podium Awards & Apres

*** The apres is a private event for racers and volunteers only. Friends and family are wlecome to join us beginning at 4pm for podium and awards.

Start Time
Classics and Short Course Podium & Awards 4:00 PM
Full Course Podium & Awards 6:30 PM
After Party 7:30 PM

Participants driving are encouraged to carpool. People staying/living in town are encouraged to ride from home.

Parking is available at  Loggers Sports Grounds lot, on the west side of Loggers Lane. Additional parking will be available at the slo-pitch fields (adjacent to Loggers Sports Grounds). Parking attendants will direct parking at these locations. You can leave your vehicle in lots over night, but you must remove on Monday. No Camping in Lots.

Additional parking is available on nearby streets.

  • Centennial Way. If you park on the shoulder on Centennial Way ensure your tires are not on pavement – you will be towed!
  • Finch Drive (east of Loggers Lane)
  • In Ravenswood Neighbourhood (accessed from Bluejay Way).

NO PARKING is available at Squamish Valley Golf Club for race finish or apres – pedal access only. Participants and volunteers must leave their car at race start or ride from your home / accomodation. It is a quick 3km ride from Loggers Sports Grounds to Squamish Valley Golf Club (course start/finish).

Secure indoor bike valet is included in your entry and will be operated by The Shred Shuttle at the finish area for race participants and volunteers only.

Family and friends arriving for podium awards and after party must also arrive by bike. You  can lock your bike to the fence along the river dyke trail behind the golf course. You cannot use the bike valet, or simply bring your bike into the golf course. Please plan accordingly.

  • Course is not closed for practice – Always respect other trail users
  • All riders must leave in their designated start wave (for special exceptions, see registration table on race day)
  • All riders must follow the course in its entirety
  • Riders will leave each start gate in 45 second intervals
  • Do not cut the course – ride between the tape. In sections with no tape, stay on the trail
  • Stage restarts strictly prohibited.
  • If you come across an injured rider you must call for verbal response. You must stop to assist if no verbal response is given. You will be allowed a stage restart in this instance. Follow emergency protocol on back of your race plate.
  • Riders deemed unfit to continue by an official event medic must relinquish their race plate for pickup at the race finish area.
  • If caught by another rider within a stage, riders must yield IMMEDIATELY to the faster, on-coming rider.
  • Youth riders accompanied by a coach or parent on course must maintain pace of 45 second interval start times. No additional time given.
  • All riders must obey by the rules of the road while on roadways
  • All riders must follow start marshal, finish marshal, and course marshal direction at all times
  • All riders must wear their helmet with chin strap attached at all times. Full face helmets are not mandatory, but are strongly suggested
  • Shuttling is strictly prohibited
  • E-bikes (even with battery removed) are prohibited
  • Do not litter
  • Do not disturb wildlife or any vegetation outside of the official course
  • Failure to conform with any of the above rules will result in rider disqualification

Timing is provided by Zone 4. Your timing chips will be handed to you at plate pickup, and should be installed on your right fork leg. You must return your timing chip to register and official time, and to enter the apres. Timing chip collection will be at the entry to the apres.

It is imperative that you mount your number plate on your handlebar using zip ties. It must hang vertically and not be bent, folded, cut, or obstructed in any way. 

There is a timing device at all stage starts and finishes, which will be monitored by volunteers. Volunteers will instruct you where to wait before your stage start, and when you can begin riding. 

We will withhold stage results on one stage in each course to build some podium excitement.

The 2024 Apres – Bigger & Better 

  • All racers must officially finish their day at Squamish Valley Golf Club. Upon arrival riders and volunteers will be greeted with a well deserved meal, and a beer courtesy of Howe Sound Brewing (other cold beverages available for those under age 19, or who prefer something other than beer). Nesters Market will have a donut for you, and Aguas Frescas will be pouring you a refreshing fruit water.
  • Apres opens at 12:30 pm
  • After your complimentary beverage, $1 from all beer purchases will be donated to support Squamish Search and Rescue.
  • You must arrive for your apres meal/drink before your cut off time – see below for details.
  • SPACE IS LIMITED – the apres is for racers and volunteers only, with the exception of one parent for riders under the age of 19. There will be enough covered seating for all participants and volunteers. 
  • Family, friends, and spectators are welcome to join us for podium awards beginning at 4pm, and stay for the after party.
  • Meal is provided for racers and volunteers only. Teriyaki Boys will be at the apres with additional food available for purchase for parents and athletes.
  • DJ PRAiZ and Muzik Therapy will be playing all afternoon at the apres, with a completely improv set that includes turntables, saxaphone and a drum kit.
  • After party begins immediately following podium awards and goes until late with Seek + Quest
  • Howe Sound Brewing tap take-over will be in effect
  • Lots of other fun and games to be had at the apres with expo area sponsors!
Full Course
Meal Cut-Off Time
Open Men (full course) 3:30 PM
U-21 Men (full course) 3:40 PM
Masters Men (full course) 4:30 PM
Veteran Men (full course) 4:45 PM
U-17 Men (full course) 5:00 PM
All Women (full course) 5:10 PM
Pro Women, Men & Elite U21 6:30 PM


Short Course
Meal Cut-Off Time
Open Men (short course) 2:00 PM
Masters Men (short course) 2:50 PM
Veteran Men (short course) 3:30 PM
All Women (short course) 4:00 PM
U-21 & U-17 Men (short course) 4:15 PM


Classics Course Meal Cut-Off Time
Open Men (short course) 2:15 PM
Masters Men (short course) 2:30 PM
Veteran Men (short course) 2:45 PM
All Women (short course) 3:00 PM
U-21 Men (short course) 3:30 PM


Emergency info is located on the back of your race plate. Riders must watch the pre-recorded race briefing that you will receive in advance of race day.

In the event of injury or emergency:

Call medical team lead Matt Smith (613) 371-4611

If stable – move to stage finish, notify start/finish marshal

If critical/life threatening emergency 

call 911 after calling medical team lead

Stay with injured rider! 



Sea to Sky Walk in Clinic. 40147 Glenalder Pl, Squamish, BC

Squamish General Hospital. 38140 Behrner Dr, Squamish, BC

Squamish Enduro does not provide (i.e. not included with your entry) personal insurance coverage. Participants are responsible to obtain this individually.

  • Professional photography/videography of any kind must have credentials prior to event day. Please submit the below information to our contact page

Race Start