Full Course

2022 Full Course – OneUp Squamish Enduro

presented by Tantalus Bike Shop

Riders begin by transiting through the roads of Squamish Рtake caution to obey the rules of the road, and the Motor Vehicle  Act Рroads are not closed for the event. Up the Garibaldi Park Road, continue to the moto lot on the right side, and onto Ring Creek Rip. Follow signage to climb Bonsai and up to Stage 1: Somewhere Over There

After the stage finish, riders will transit down the access and follow signage across Carpenters Son Bridge and up past Quest University. Follow the Garibaldi Park Road to Legacy Climb, and then up the access road to Stage 2: Angry

Riders will turn right and follow the access road to the fork and stay left to the Northside Connector. This will bring riders to the Nesters Market Feed Zone. Continue along the Northside Connector and follow signage past Edith Lake and up 50 Shades part 2. Carry along Mice and Men, and take a right at the fork to Stage 4: Value Added – Icy Hole of Death

Turn right on Jacks Trail and head up to the Debeck’s Hill Grind, all the way to the radio towers. Drop into the trail at the top and follow to the start gate, located about 200m in. Stage 5: Rigs in Zen – Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey – Kiki – Rico – Brackentrail. At the end of this stage you enter the OneUp Speed Zone, where your top speed will be registered and the fastest non-pro male and female will win 1 beer for every km/h they clock. The speed zone is the end of the stage – hit the brakes and stay in control to exit Brackentrail safely.

DO NOT PRACTICE LOWER BRACKENTRAIL AT FULL SPEED. It is not a closed course and it has significant multi-use traffic. Be cautious, be courteous.

There will be a Blind Stage presented by WeAreOne Composites – with the “Race to Mid-Pack” where the riders who finish exactly mid-pack (one for male & female) will take home a set of Union 29 Rims! The Blind stage will be flagged on course, you will not know in advance.

Following Stage 5, riders will make their way back to Norman Rudy’s for a well deserved meal and drink provided by Gibbons Apres Lager.

2022 Full Course - OneUp Squamish Enduro Presented by Tantalus Bike Shop on Trailforks.com