Is there a waitlist?

We do not manage a waitlist. The only way to get into the event after it is sold out is to acquire an entry transfer from someone who can no longer participate. We do publish a transfers Facebook page to help people connect who wish to relinquish/acquire an entry. Visit the Registration page for more info.

When does registration open?

Registration opens March 12th @ 10am PST

Is my entry refundable?

Entries are non-refundable with the exception of an event cancellation, in which case we will do our best to refund as much as possible.

When can I transfer my entry?

Transfers are open from March 5th to April 22nd. No exceptions will be made for registrants wishing to transfer their entry after April 22nd.

How do I transfer my entry?

All registrants wishing to relinquish their entry to another participant must use Race Roster to facilitate the transfer. Click here to visit Race Roster, click  the Transfer button and login using the email you used to register for the event.

You will input the registrant’s email that you wish to transfer your entry to. The new participant will be responsible to pay a $20 transfer fee, which covers administration, and payment processing.

It is your responsibility to recuperate the costs of your initial registration from the participant you are transferring your entry to. Squamish Enduro and Race Roster will NOT refund your entry and subsequently charge the new participant.

Can I just give my entry to a friend?

No. If your friend shows up on race day expecting to use your entry they will not be able to race. We require proof of ID for plate pickup. Transfers are allowed up to 14 days before event date.

All registrants wishing to relinquish their entry to another participant must use Race Roster to facilitate the transfer. See “How do I transfer my entry?” above.

Can I switch course lengths?


Is Squamish Enduro an EWS qualifier for 2023?

Enduro is now sanctioned by the UCI at a world level (discipline EDR), not the EWS as in previous years. For 2023 there are limited opportunities globally to earn what would have traditionally been “EWS qualifier points”. The only event in Canada with UCI points up for grabs will be Canadian National Championships, held during Crankworx Whistler. We will see what the future brings for UCI points in accordance with Cycling Canada, but this is the situation for 2023.

Can I purchase apres meal tickets for someone who is not racing?

No, but there will be food available for non-participants to purchase at SVGC from a limited menu.

Are full face helmets mandatory?

Full face helmets are not mandatory but are strongly suggested, Helmets must be worn at all times while on course.

Do I have to come to race start if I picked up my plate on Saturday night?

Yes. You must check-in at race start during your designated start wave time. Failing to do so will result in disqualification.

Can I ride with my friends if they aren't in my category?

You will need to check in and get permission at day of registration if you want to ride with a friend who is not in your category.

I am a coach who is not participating. Can I ride with my athlete while they are racing?

You may ride with your athlete(s) if you are not participating in the event, however you must not interfere with stage start protocols or start time intervals. Riders must leave stage start gates in 45 second intervals to ensure all participants can complete the course by cut off time. Not abiding by this rule will result in your athlete(s) being disqualified.

Is there a minimum age?

Age restriction for 2024 to be announced. Parents can ride with young racers on race day, even if they are not participating in the event. All riders will be expected to keep a reasonable pace, and follow all course markings.

Are there rules for practice?
  • Do not adjust any course tape – any rider found doing so will be disqualified
  • Do not adjust any course features – any rider found doing so will be disqualified
  • Shuttling and e-bikes are permitted for practice
  • respect all other riders while practicing – the course is NOT closed to the public during practice
Will there be food and water on course?

Yes. Nesters Market generously sponsors the deluxe feed zone on course, which will be just past the half way mark on both courses. Water and lots of food will be available to all riders. Riders with special dietary restrictions are encouraged to plan accordingly. The full course will have an additional feed zone with limited supplies before stage 5. Plan accordingly for feed zone spacing – you may need to ride with additional hydration and food.

What happens if it rains?

We race. In the event of severely wet trail conditions we may need to make adjustments to the course. We will work closely with SORCA to make the most responsible decisions to mitigate trail degradation.

Can I ride my e-bike?

You cannot ride your e-bike in the race, even if you remove your battery. If you do you will be disqualified. You can ride your e-bike during practice, before race day.