Full Course

  Big thanks to Celeste Pomerantz & Estiven Gutierrez for the stage previews.

There are 5 stages total – you will find the blind stage on race day. We are not releasing its position amongst the other stages. 

Race start at Squamish Valley Golf Course (no parking at the golf course. See Parking for details). Riders begin by transiting through the Garibaldi Highlands neighbourhood, and up Perth Drive. Take caution to obey the rules of the road – roads are not closed for the event. Up The Mashiter, Tracks from Hell, 50 Shades, and of Mice & Men.

Stage 1: Value Added – Two Stroke Smoke

Stage preview below is missing the connector from value added to two stroke smoke. Look for this trail on your left about 100m after value added ends. It connects directly to the bottom of Penthouse Slab.


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Following the stage, use Jack’s Trail to climb towards Debecks Hill. You will find a fully stocked Nesters Feed Zone at Alice Lake Provincial Park. Continue up Debecks hill to the top. Stage 2 starts from the top of the hill, just behind the radio tower (full pull for 2024). This will be The 2024 Dave Stage – in memory of Dave Reid. The fastest male and female on the stage get their name on Dave’s Bears. Thanks Dave.

Stage 2: Rigs in Zen – Dirty Jane Too – Dirty Jane

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Riders will continue on Tantalus Road and through the neighbourhood, back up Highlands Way South. Past Capilano University, up Garibaldi Park road, turning left at the Half Nelson parking lot. Follow the access road all the way to the stage. 

Stage 3: Angry

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Be prepared to spool up at the section of Angry immediately following the Half Nelson bridge for the Howe Sound Brewing Speed Zone, where the winner (male & female, excluding pro’s) will ride away with their speed in limited edition Pilsner Plunge tall cans. That’s right – if you go 100km/h you get 100 cans of locally brewed excellence from Squamish’s Original Craft Brewery.

Finish stage 3 and turn right on the access road (Northside Connector). Stay left at the junction and follow to the Nesters Market Feed Zone. Turn left to the steep climb that will lead you to the stage. This stage had a significant rebuild with over 100hrs being put in – big thanks to Matt Bolton and Anton Urtan. The lower portion of this stage will be the main spectator zone, and home of the Tantalus Bike Shop Spiciest Line. Judges will be awarding bottles of extra spicy Tantalus Hot Sauce on a wide variety of criteria. You’ll find out if you’re a winner when you arrive at the apres!


You can ride to the stage and walk your bike down it to preview/check lines. It is easily accessible from the bottom using the newly re-built SORCA parking lot.

 Stage 4: Deliverance

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On course, riders will follow marking arrows to find the We Are One Blind Stage. This stage will host the Race to Midpack, where the male and female riders who finish exactly mid-pack (all riders combined, excluding pro’s) will take home a brand new pair of We Are One Convergence rims – designed, tested, and manufactured in Kamloops, BC.

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Transit back to race finish at Squamish Valley Golf Club. All riders must check in at race finish. Ensure you make it back in time for your meal cut off time for the apres. The apres is a private event and is only open to registered athletes and volunteers. Friends and family are welcome to join us for podium awards beginning at 4:30pm (Full Course awards/podium scheduled for 6:30pm), and can stay for the after party. Secure bike valet is available at the apres for athletes and volunteers.

Full Course: 2024 OneUp Squamish Enduro presented by Mons Royale on Trailforks.com