2024 Full Course

The. Full. Course.

Is the true test on some of the most challenging enduro race terrain Squamish has to offer, against everyone from the worlds fastest pro’s, to the backyard sleepers. This years full course promises to focus on fast and physical trails, with the added spice of something high speed you aren’t expecting. Bring the ruckus.

Course announced Thursday April 18th @ 6:30pm at Howe Sound Brewing. Live online at 8:30pm

45km total distance

1,800m climbing on the day

1,400m in-stage descending

What’s Included?


– 4 pre-rideable stages, and 1 blind stage.

– Speed Zone (trail TBA), where the fastest male and female will ride away with their speed in tall cans. 100km/h = 100 tall cans!

– Three Nesters Market on-course deluxe feed zones

– Entry into the apres party with a delicious full meal and alcoholic beverage (19+)

– SORCA Trail Donation

– On-course medical support from Canadian Outdoor Medical

– Professional timing for all stages


Who races the Full Course?

The Full Course is very challenging and physically demanding, and is designed for advanced/expert riders. The in-stage descending requires considerable technical ability, and is spread out over a long 45km course with 1,800m of climbing. All ages (12+ as of race day) can compete, however you must be able to ride at a reasonable pace all day to complete the course. Typically, the Full Course sees a major showing of the top Canadian’s on the World Cup circuit, along with some other World Cup pro’s from abroad.

What kind of trails are in the Full Course?

Ever-changing, year on year, the full course is always different. All of the stages are black diamond with some elements of double black diamond. There is one blind stage, which riders do not have a chance to pre-ride, and will only find out about when they are navigating the course on race day. The blind stage is usually the easiest stage on the course, given that it is ridden blind. Check the previous years courses under the Courses menu to get an idea of what you can expect.

Can I transfer into the Short Course after I find out what the Full Course is on April 18th?

No. The transfer period will have ended by the time the Full Course is released. See our Registration page or FAQ page for info on transfers.

Are any of the trails from the Short or Classics Course in the Full Course?

No. All 3 courses are mutually exclusive of each other – there are no shared trails on any of them.