Short Course

2022 Short Course – OneUp Squamish Enduro

presented by Tantalus Bike Shop

Stage preview videos from Miranda Miller, Remi Gauvin, and Jacob Tooke below!

Riders begin by transiting through the roads of Squamish, up to the legacy climb. Take caution to obey the rules of the road – no roads are closed for the event. Up the lower Legacy, continue left on the FSR after the second road intersection, and then onto the upper legacy to the second crossing with meadow of the Grizzly (not all the way to the top, pffew) Stage 1: Meadow of the Grizzly – Short Circuit – Skookum – IMBA Smart- Middle Powersmart.

We Are One EWS Team member, Jacob Tooke takes us for a slay ride down Stage 1 of this years Short Course.

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After the stage finish, riders will transit down the access road to the Nesters Market Feed Zone and continue along the northside connector. Take a right on Ed’s Access to climb to the top of Stage 2: Hot Tuna. The racers (male and female) who finish exactly mid-pack (of all competitors) on this stage will be presented with a new set of We Are One Union rims.

Remi Gauvin and Jesse Melamed show us the key’s to speed on Stage 2 of this years Short Course.

Note, all ride-around’s will be open for practice and on race day, and some of the large jumps will be taped off.

Big thanks to Hot Tuna builder, Curtis Bennett!

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Riders will turn right onto Ed’s access and transit down Miki’s Magic to the upper Mashiter. Turn left and descend the Mashiter to the Alice Lake access road, and then take a left on the Edith Lake access road. Riders will turn right on Mike’s Loop and follow to the entrance of Credit Line. Transit along Credit Line, up the climbs to the top of the descent for Stage 3: Credit Line (Hot Lap).

The woman, the myth, the legend, Miranda Miller shows us the lines and strategies for ultimate performance on stage 3 of this years short course.

Note: the stage will start from the top of the main descent, just after the start of this video. Miranda is always up for some extra climbing – as you can see.

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Following stage 3 riders can make their way down Jack’s trail and down Dowad road to Tantalus Road, followed by a short pedal back to Norman Rudy’s for the race finish.

2022 Short Course - OneUp Squamish Enduro presented by Tantalus Bike Shop on