2023 Short Course

Stage preview videos below – additional stages to be added daily.

Race start at Loggers Sports Grounds. Riders begin by transiting through the roads of Squamish, up to the legacy climb. Take caution to obey the rules of the road – no roads are closed for the event. Up the lower Legacy, continue left on the FSR after the first road intersection, past the Nester’s Market Feed Zone. Follow the FSR to

Stage 1: Angry
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Be prepared to spool up on lower Angry for the A-Frame Brewing Speed Zone, where the winner will ride away with their speed in A-Frame tall cans. That’s right – if you go 100km/h you get 100 cans of locally brewed excellence! #NowCheersToThat.

After the stage finish, riders will transit across the Northside Connector passing the Nesters Market Feed Zone. Take a left up the steep hill and follow the FSR to

Stage 2: Your Mom – Phil & Cam’s – Pseudotsuga.

The racers (male and female) who finish exactly mid-pack (of all competitors) on this stage will take home a set of We Are One Convergence Wheels.

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Riders will turn left onto Legacy Climb and make their way back up to the Nesters Market Feed Zone, for the final time. Head along the Northside Connector and down to the Half Nelson parking lot.

Stage 3: Another Man’s Gold

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Turn left after the stage to cross the bridge and make your way up the Ring Creek Rip to the Power-Hoods Connector. Follow the doubletrack road up to the trailhead and continue onto the trail to the stage start, located after the steep climb (with lots of roots).

Stage 4: Hoods in the Woods

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Following stage 4, riders will transit along the doubletrack, across Carpenters Son bridge, and turn right to head back up to Quest University. Follow down The Boulevard to Highlands Way South, making a left on Mamquam Road to the Squamish Valley Golf Club.

2023 Short Course - OneUp Squamish Enduro presented by Tantalus Bike Shop on Trailforks.com