2023 Full Course

 Stage preview videos below – thanks to Matt Bolton, Owen Foster, and Mark Haimes.

Race start at Loggers Sports Grounds. Riders begin by transiting through the roads of Squamish, and up Garibaldi Park Road. Take caution to obey the rules of the road – no roads are closed for the event. Across Darwins bridge, up ring creek rip and up the access road and Bonsai. Stage starts just before the 3 way junction (check the course preview video below).

Stage 1: Unrelated Dead Guys – Somewhere Over There


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Following the stage, use the power house access road to transit across to valleycliff, where you will pass a water station and head up to pipe trail. A bit of a grind up mountain of phlegm brings you to the top of the radio tower. Stage starts right off the back of the radio town, just behind the fenced area.

Stage 2: White Bronco – South Slide – Silver Spoon

On lower stage 2 you’ll pass through the Warrior Fan Zone presented by We Are One – time to boost for the crowd!

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Riders will turn left on Plateau Drive and take another left on Cherry Drive, to follow the power house access back across to carpenters son bridge. From there head up Garibaldi Park Road and the Legacy Climb to the Nesters Feed Zone.  Follow the arrows on race day to find the blind stage and the We Are One Race to Mid-Pack.

Stage 3: Blind



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Exit the Diamondhead area via the Northside Connector and follow into Alice Lake Provincial Park and up 50 shades of Green. Drop into Entrails and bypass the flat technical section. Course goes right, not down the first chute (watch preview video for details).


Stage 4: Entrails – Room with a View – Dirk’s Diggler


*Note* The Urinal and Bearly Adequate have been closed on stage 4


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Be prepared to spool up in between Room with a View and Dirk’s Diggler for the A-FRAME Brewing Speed Zone, where the winner will ride away with their speed in A-Frame tall cans. That’s right – if you go 100km/h you get 100 cans of locally brewed excellence! #NowCheersToThat.

After the stage finish, riders will transit up to Jack’s Trail, passing the final feed zone at Alice Lake Provincial Park, and then head up debecks hill to the queen stage, which starts after the first climb (or after the rock).

Stage 5: Rig’s in Zen – Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey – Kiki – Rico – Brackentrail


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Transit back to race finish at Squamish Valley Golf Club. All riders must check in at race finish. Ensure you make it back in time for your meal cut off time.

2023 Full Course - OneUp Squamish Enduro presented by Tantalus Bike Shop on Trailforks.com