Full Course

2022 Full Course will be released May 5th

OneUp Squamish Enduro

2019 Full Course Below

Riders begin by transiting through the old garibaldi springs golf course, onto jacks trail, and up Debecks Hill. Stage 1 start will be located at the Rigs in Zen wooden sign.

After the stage finish, riders will climb the bottom of Brackentrail to the new climb trail, up Jacks to 50 Shades, then follow the on course marking to lead them to Stage 2, which is a blind stage. We Are One Composites is giving away a pair of Revolution wheels to the rider who finishes mid-pack on stage 2.

Following the course marking which will lead riders to the Mashiter trail, the course transits up to the Northside Connector FSR, where riders will find the Nesters Market Feed Zone (1 of 2 on course). After refueling, riders will follow the access road to Stl’lhalem Sintl’ and on to stage 3.

Following stage 3, riders will turn left on the Northside Connector FSR and follow it down to the Half Nelson parking lot, where they will drop into Another Man’s Gold (not timed). After crossing Darwins bridge they will follow the access trail to Power Hoods,  and up the gravel road, taking a left onto Bonsai to arrive at stage 4.

Stage 4 will use the new “Alt Exit” and will have 2 finish options; the existing technical section which takes you straight to the finish, or the chute to the left, which drops you down a right turn to a sprint finish. The finish timer will be located just after the trails intersect.

From there riders will follow the singletrack and turn left on the gravel road, transiting across the powerhouse bridge. Riders will pass the Farside parking lot, and continue straight on the powerhouse access road, then take a left on the connector leading them to the hydro cut and The Nesters Market Feed Zone (2 of 2 on course). Riders will continue up hydro cut trail, to 3 virgins (or the option of pushing up the gravel road). A left on Pipe trail, followed by another left on Cougar Milk will bring riders to stage 5.

Stage 5 finishes after crossing a wooden bridge onto an abrupt uphill, followed by a quick right and a left on a big berm. Riders will need to reserve a blast of energy for the final sprint down the hill through the Speed Zone following the big berm.

After stage 5 riders will be following the roads and bike path back to Norman Rudy’s Pub. Riders must obey the rules of the road, as roads are not closed for the event. Following Cherry Drive will lead riders to a right on Plateau Drive, which they will follow to the end, past the gate down Clarke Drive to the bike lane. The bike lane will take riders all the way back to the race start area for apres, dinner, and awards.

Big thanks to Richie Rude, Jesse Melamed, Miranda Miller, and Kasper Woolley for their high speed, nearly flawless pre-ride videos.

Squamish Enduro presented by OneUp Components : Full Course 2019 on Trailforks.com