Short Course

2022 Short Course will be released April 1st

2019 Short Course Below

Riders begin by transiting through the old garibaldi springs golf course, onto jacks trail, and up Debecks Hill.

After the stage finish, riders will climb the bottom of Brackentrail to the new climb trail, up Jacks to 50 Shades, then follow the on course marking to lead them to Stage 2, Leave of Absence.

Riders will turn left onto the Mashiter trail, and transit up to the Northside Connector FSR, where riders will find the Nesters Market Feed Zone. After refueling, riders will follow the access road to stage 3.

Following stage 3 riders can make their way down the Garibaldi Park road, taking caution to obey the rules of the road. No roads are closed for the event. Riders will travel back to Norman Rudy’s Pub for apres, dinner, and awards. Big thanks to Rhys Verner for his high speed, nearly flawless pre-ride videos.

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